Sunday, January 24, 2010


so holy shit, friday turned out amazing! i don't think anyone expected there to be a huge line up at ten o'clock! what the fuck? thank you everyone that came out and bought the record and smashed the shit out of themselves and others in the pit. i think this was our first or second pit!
i think its safe to say that black wizard is about 20 pounds lighter after playing under those hot lights in the packed sweaty railway club. amazing.

the rock band called time opened the show with attitude and pulled everyone up outta their seats to dance to some good ol rock n roll. the nelkers killed it with riffs as always, they were looking especially good that night too. and mendozza closed the set with some punishing sonic outbursts. thanks to the railway for having us and sorry about all the broken glass.

also i wanna shout out to ian s. were hear for ya buddy, get better soon.

well, I'm gonna go eat chicken fingers and watch 30 rock.



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