Friday, January 29, 2010

Why the fuck haven't I heard of these dudes before?

Check out this rad band from Scotland called Iron Claw. They put out a couple records during the early 70s. I finally found a working download of their 1971 record Dismorphophobia. It's super groovy, fuzzy stuff, make sure you check it out!,g/Iron-Claw-Dismorphophobia-1971.html



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where you can buy our record.....

Our record is finally ready for sale! You can buy it at these rad stores.....

720 Richards St, Vancouver

972 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

Red Cat Records
4332 Main Street
, Vancouver

Bully's Studios
67 Sixth ST, New Westminster




Monday, January 25, 2010


this is what happens when you cancel jam and not call anyone.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


so holy shit, friday turned out amazing! i don't think anyone expected there to be a huge line up at ten o'clock! what the fuck? thank you everyone that came out and bought the record and smashed the shit out of themselves and others in the pit. i think this was our first or second pit!
i think its safe to say that black wizard is about 20 pounds lighter after playing under those hot lights in the packed sweaty railway club. amazing.

the rock band called time opened the show with attitude and pulled everyone up outta their seats to dance to some good ol rock n roll. the nelkers killed it with riffs as always, they were looking especially good that night too. and mendozza closed the set with some punishing sonic outbursts. thanks to the railway for having us and sorry about all the broken glass.

also i wanna shout out to ian s. were hear for ya buddy, get better soon.

well, I'm gonna go eat chicken fingers and watch 30 rock.



Friday, January 22, 2010


hey everybody that reads this (which apparently is only 4 including us), you should come to our album release tonight in vancouver! at the railway club!

were gonna play hard, and sell our album, and totally bug out.
albums are ten bucks or a handful of drugs.

thanks, we love you and get there early, like ten because that place fills up fast on weekends.

the wiz

and kyle, he likes hugs.

hello scarlet fever

Thursday, January 21, 2010

hey vancouver dudes

this week party, glory holes all around

thanks a whole bunch to jenny!

see ya'll tomorro at the railway for the album release party!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Vice Magazine Interview!

too greasy.....



Sunday, January 17, 2010


alright, here's the downlow. i haven't seen an amazing metal band from vancouver since the earlier days of 3 inches and s.t.r.e.e.t.s. when i wasn't nearly old enough to get into most of the places they played.needless to say i saw them anyway.

but back to present time. so i was invited to a metal show at the asbalt (astoria) by the guys in my band to go see their friends power metal band. they were rad. after they finished playing, a three piece of young kids started setting up. i didn't pay much attention and went out side to breathe some dirty air. when i came back in, they had started to play. and holy shit i was not expecting that. from the get go these kids were on, and i mean fucking ON. tight as hell and sounded bigger than any three piece id ever seen! i walked closer and discovered that the guitarist was playing through a sunn full stack and said to my self "no wonder".
then i continued to be in aw of these fucking kids. they reminded me of my first band, in the sense that there was obviously a serious passion for the music and balls out energy in all fucking directions. then they played this one song, i don't know the title but the chorus was catchy as hell. i said to myself "these kids must listen to cheap trick if they can write hooks like that!" while they were still playing i ran over to the merch table and was like "I WANT A FUCKING CD!" and i looked down and there were some other bands Cd's so i went to the next merch table (luckily for me it was the right one) and picked up their album "terror in the women's clinic" with such hits as "third trimester holocaust" and my personal favorite "hatchet vs genitals".

i had a really weird feeling that night while watching them, a feeling like i was witnessing something important. a feeling that i was going to end up being that guy that always says "i saw nirvana in some guys basement in 88". you know the guy? maybe not to that magnitude of fame.
but i think that these kids have what 98 percent of the bands in vancouver don't have. i cant explain it, i just feel it. so if you ever see a poster for a fetus grinder show, i highly recommend you check them out because i am so glad that i happened to go to that show.
but i was really stoned so it could have also just been the drugs.


Friday, January 15, 2010


The day has finally arrived...

Our CD's have been pressed and are awaiting pickup! We want to thank everybody for being patient and supportive. We put a lot of work into this one(finally) and we hope you all dig it.

So uh, Here's the cover and tracklist!

1.Long Way Home
5.Winds of Helliwell
6.Kill the City
7.Black Fog

An unbelievable amount of thanks to Louis Durand, who did the entire album layout and artwork. Take a sec and check out his other stuff here,
Rad eh?

We're selling the album for the price of two joints, so make sure you have some extra coin with you for the CD release on the 22nd.
tell your buds and bring your best pitstick, Cause the Railway Club is going to get sweaty, real fast

In other Wiz related shenanigans..........

We got the van back, it was found on an Indian reserve in Langley. Not too surprised, I guess the kidnappers forgot about the broken gas gauge or that it runs on propane.
It smells (more)like shit and the entire dashboard is ripped to fuck, we scored some broken wheelchairs and strollers though? Right on.

So this means new van time; If anybody wants to help out and pitch a couple bucks for the new ride, we can have a viking funeral for the piss jug and get a keg or something too.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

on the air

look ma, johnny half hair is on tee vee!

We can change, just come back!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


if anybody cares, we had our van stolen early this morning. heres the exclusive story.

it was a morning like any other.
eug woke up to the sound of kyle masturbating in the next room at 7 am, yeah harsh. anyways this was yet another early morning eug had to spend into the studio engineering on the new Grass City album. so he got up to his usual morning shenanigans of breakfast, maybe a shower and definitely not a shave (his face anyway).

off goes happy go lucky eug into the elevator from his 4th story apt in downtown new west to the safe and secure parking garage in which our dear friend (and trusty band van) “the bumblebee” sleeps at night. the bumblebee must have known eug was coming because he was up early, earlier than normal. eug said hello to the others sleeping in the lot but headed for the van. with one turn of a key (not really) bumblebees eyes lit up bright and buzzed and roared with beauty and strength. “off to the old bullys studios again today bud” whispered eug to the recently awaken slumberbee. “bzzzzzzzbzzzzzzzz carrrummbbphhh” said ol’ bumbly, and they were off.

further downtown new west they arrived at the destination safe and sound with out a soul to be seen on the street at this hour. “i love being up up at ten bumble” said eug “its so calm”. as eug walked into the building, locked the door and went upstairs to the studio. there were no indications to what was about to happen next.

after a smoke and a coffee upstairs with the grass city boys, they returned downstairs and the minute eug glanced out the window, he dropped his coffee in terror and screamed “HOLY FUCK BOYS!” bumbley was missing! he dashed out the door, novelty seattle mariners bat firm in hand, only to find no trace of the perpetrator and an empty parking spot.

as eug calmed down from his fit of russian rage, he realized that the empty parking spot was actually in his heart and broke down in tears. two companions torn apart for no apparent reason. this saddened the eug and pushed him towards the bottle. but what hurt even more was that he left a brand new stick of deodorant in bumbles backsid, no thats a harsh buzz.

Bumble’s legacy will live on in our hearts and we will carry on, but we might be a bit late for gigs now since we’ll be taking transit.


our album releae show on next friday the 22nd at the railway club will double as a memorial service for sweet bumblepie, so please attend and come say a few words.

the fuckin way she goes boys, fuckin way she goes.

-the wizards

Friday, January 8, 2010

Island Trip

One Night Only at Logan's Pub in Victoria! What a rad show, thanks to everybody who made us feel at home and a crazy amount of bro-love to Hugenelk and Rorschach...who continue to melt our faces. Long live the riff,

Interviews and More Details on our CD release within the next week or so