Sunday, January 17, 2010


alright, here's the downlow. i haven't seen an amazing metal band from vancouver since the earlier days of 3 inches and s.t.r.e.e.t.s. when i wasn't nearly old enough to get into most of the places they played.needless to say i saw them anyway.

but back to present time. so i was invited to a metal show at the asbalt (astoria) by the guys in my band to go see their friends power metal band. they were rad. after they finished playing, a three piece of young kids started setting up. i didn't pay much attention and went out side to breathe some dirty air. when i came back in, they had started to play. and holy shit i was not expecting that. from the get go these kids were on, and i mean fucking ON. tight as hell and sounded bigger than any three piece id ever seen! i walked closer and discovered that the guitarist was playing through a sunn full stack and said to my self "no wonder".
then i continued to be in aw of these fucking kids. they reminded me of my first band, in the sense that there was obviously a serious passion for the music and balls out energy in all fucking directions. then they played this one song, i don't know the title but the chorus was catchy as hell. i said to myself "these kids must listen to cheap trick if they can write hooks like that!" while they were still playing i ran over to the merch table and was like "I WANT A FUCKING CD!" and i looked down and there were some other bands Cd's so i went to the next merch table (luckily for me it was the right one) and picked up their album "terror in the women's clinic" with such hits as "third trimester holocaust" and my personal favorite "hatchet vs genitals".

i had a really weird feeling that night while watching them, a feeling like i was witnessing something important. a feeling that i was going to end up being that guy that always says "i saw nirvana in some guys basement in 88". you know the guy? maybe not to that magnitude of fame.
but i think that these kids have what 98 percent of the bands in vancouver don't have. i cant explain it, i just feel it. so if you ever see a poster for a fetus grinder show, i highly recommend you check them out because i am so glad that i happened to go to that show.
but i was really stoned so it could have also just been the drugs.


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