Friday, January 15, 2010


The day has finally arrived...

Our CD's have been pressed and are awaiting pickup! We want to thank everybody for being patient and supportive. We put a lot of work into this one(finally) and we hope you all dig it.

So uh, Here's the cover and tracklist!

1.Long Way Home
5.Winds of Helliwell
6.Kill the City
7.Black Fog

An unbelievable amount of thanks to Louis Durand, who did the entire album layout and artwork. Take a sec and check out his other stuff here,
Rad eh?

We're selling the album for the price of two joints, so make sure you have some extra coin with you for the CD release on the 22nd.
tell your buds and bring your best pitstick, Cause the Railway Club is going to get sweaty, real fast

In other Wiz related shenanigans..........

We got the van back, it was found on an Indian reserve in Langley. Not too surprised, I guess the kidnappers forgot about the broken gas gauge or that it runs on propane.
It smells (more)like shit and the entire dashboard is ripped to fuck, we scored some broken wheelchairs and strollers though? Right on.

So this means new van time; If anybody wants to help out and pitch a couple bucks for the new ride, we can have a viking funeral for the piss jug and get a keg or something too.


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