Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You can buy the new album "Young Wisdom" now!!

... so after all this waiting you can finally buy this new album of ours. Its up on our bandcamp. Digital downloads are available and you can also order the physical copys of the CD on there in the merch store along with all the previous material!

can't believe how much positive feedback we have gotten from everyone so far. heres just a few reviews from the past few days. unreal. thanks so much.

The release party is Friday, June 28th @ The Rickshaw Theater in Vancouver,BC. Playing with some amazing local bands such as Wiser Fool, Hoopsnake and Tobeatic! For ticket info and all go here:

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS! The vinyl version of "Young Wisdom" will be coming out on War on Music Records in just a few months and it will be available everywhere!
First 100 copies will be on orange vinyl!

so yeah cheers y'all