Wednesday, March 24, 2010


If you want to get in touch with Black Wizard....

Monday, March 22, 2010

one step closer

we got our test pressings for the black wiz vinyl today. fucking stoked. they sound killer!
should be about three weeks til theyre available!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

johnny beat me to it buuut...

HugeBlackSchach were at it again this past weekend. We played another amazing show at one of our favourite venues, Logan's.
Big thanks to everybody who came, the rad people at Logan's(holy fuck, get the mango chicken wrap), Floyd's for letting Kyle and Keith win your food. And to Keith's roommates; sorry about the farts and noise.
Saturday was a New West house party which rocked the tits off of pretty much everybody. Thanks Sayer Family, always a good time!

Kazam, I mean, HugeBlackSchach will be reunited in full-form soon enough.

ADAM n The Wiz


hey guess what?

i slept for way too long today and missed an appointment and dinner.
but at least theres some rad photos from victoria last friday!
thanks to jamesrdoe. he takes unreal pictures

enjoy the fuck out of them

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


so today is chuck norris' 70th birthday. amazing. i still remember when i was first introduced to chuck in walker texas ranger. i loved that show. thought he was so badass. then i saw delta force and my jaw dropped! way to go chuck, youve roundhouse kicked all the way to 70. love ya bud!

p.s. how much do those bowflex ads pay? i bet a lot.

Monday, March 8, 2010

sorry dude

So I was contacted by some person telling me that our music would be great in this new zombie film, and that we could get paid accordingly. Well, I fell for it while talking to this lady on the phone for about half an hour (long distance no less). After realizing it she was just selling me something (something non-tangible for a yearly membership fee of upwards of 400 dollars u.s.) After we talked the first time, she proceeded to call and send more emails to "follow up" and so I proceeded to tell her we weren't interested. And it might just be me, but do I sense a tad bit of bitterness under that chirpy dialogue? Oh well, I guess there's no room in the "industry" for musicians just because they talk a bit like Spicoli. Enjoy.