Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So we in Black Wizard have decided that we cannot manage ourselves anymore, despite how fun it might look, being in a band is a lot of hard work. A lot of hard work and tasks that we don't really have any idea how to do correctly. So as of last weekend we are being managed by Scott Roberts. (we tried to get Steven Segal but apparently he "doesn't do that anymore"). Now i know what you're thinking "oh Black wizard isn't gonna party anymore cause they're going legit" now hold on a minute, that's the furthest thing from the truth! The fact of the matter is now that we have a manager, we can party more! no more waiting around and fighting with the promoter to try and get paid. no more inter-band fights (well not really, nothing can stop that). but now all the shit that we do half-assed, will be done by a professional. And what a rad professional he is. Scott is rad, and that's that.

On another note, Adam beat Crime City the other day, let's give him a round of applause! although he'd rather we gave him a joint. And on another nother' note, Eug, Adam and I (johnny) are going to decorate the Roxy tomorrow for the annual Graffiti party. 8 hours of taping white paper to every square inch of that place, should be a fucking ball. Gotta pay the rent somehow eh?

peace and love and crime city


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