Sunday, April 25, 2010

Black Wizard Live at The Roxy

So my friend and studio mate Johnny Taylor asked me if i'd be into working for a day with two buddies. I said yeah of course, and that I know two guys that would be down. I asked Adam and Eug and sure enough it's a go. So we meet up infront of the jamspace at 830 am thursday morning, get on the train. Eug grabs adams thigh and adam's reflex is obviously to punch straight infront of him and almost hit a lady in the ass. this part i missed because i was on the other side of the packed train reading about that cop that was selling pot on the job.

We get down to the infamous Roxy (where were working for the day) and no body's there except for one bartender and a little worldly cleaning guy smoking (inside the bar) and carrying around a bottle of booze filled with carpet cleaner.

Our job was to cover every square inch of the bar with white paper for the 21st annual graffiti party that night. So there we are, putting up 4000 feet of white paper with about 50 rolls of masking tape, on earth day no less. ouch. i hope someone was smart enough to recycle it the next day. anyways, the day was full of us cutting ourselves on pre-existing nails in the walls from previous parties, smelling the tape that "kinda smells like bunk shake", eating red burrito bowls, burning joints in the back alley and running to staples and getting funny looks for buying 15 rolls of masking tape.

and we ended the whole day off with going to buy adam a new pipe. he broke his other one packing a bowl in the bathroom.

heres a few pictures from the day

"how bout a roofie colada!?"

adam cut himself so eug had to wrap masking tape around his hands cause we had no bandaids.

this is johnny, black wizard fan of the weekend, thanks man! youve funded our drug habit for another week!

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