Monday, May 10, 2010



Friday was a bit stressful because we didn't know if the gig was actually gonna happen or not, and we have two bands coming up from seattle to play it with us! The original plan was to play this show on the reserve up in Squamish but at the last minute, the promoter fell through so Will Sotham stepped up and asked his parents (the best parents ever) if he could have a metal show in their backyard, they agreed (although they might not have if they knew what the yard was going to look like the day after).

The Wildildlife and Emeralds boys got past the border and up to the jamspace at around 6:30 pm. Once they were out of the car they were easily distracted by the wonders of Canadian culture like ketchup chips and stronger beer. It was hard to tell them we really had to get on the road cause they seemed so happy and stoked. But alas, we had to move. So we set off with the wiz van, the girl wiz car, emeralds and finally wildildlife. The four piece convoy was hard to keep track of so kyle was put in charge of looking back and making sure everyone was still following us.

The trip to squamton was about an hour give of take a few', and by the end of it everyone really had to piss. adam even tried pissing in the radiator water supply, no luck. We arrived with minutes to spare, the show had to be done by 10 pm cause the cops are hard asses up there. So we put the power of 12 skids to use and unloaded the van in record time!

Wildildlife went on first, churning out some killer stoned out jams with a raging closing tune that i love. It was outside in the backyard but it was fucking loud!

Emeralds was next up, and they ruled hard. This was everyones first time seeing wildlife and emeralds so it was a huge treat!

Then the wiz took the yard and blew some ear drums for a half hour before the cops came the second time right before evergreen. So we turned it up. It was our last song anyway.

The rest of the night was pretty great, there was a few drinks and a bunch of joints goin around, so that was all good. Thorin from hugenelk came up and ended up camping out in a tent in the back yard. Hopefully all his colt 45 kept him warm that night!

The next morning the ketchup chips made their rounds, talk of chicken chips and chicken smokes fueled the early morning conversation and Nancy and Joe (best host's ever) cooked up the best breakfast ever for all 20+ of us. it consisted of bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, o.j. coffee, pancakes and much more! it was incredible. you shoulda been there. We polished off the rest of the jameson with the coffee.

and finally our time in squamish came to an end (for now). we gathered all around our mom for the weekend and got a group shot. thank you nancy, joe and will sotham so much for letting us come and destroy your backyard and eat your food! you are the best metal party host's ever!


We got back into town at about 2 pm after stopping at a lake and exploring the wilderness of british columbia. As soon as we got back to bullys one of the dudes from emeralds was looking for his lost i.d. he was choked because this would make it really hard for him to get back home to the states. while everyone was helping look, he comes walking down the street holding the i.d. in his hands, apparently he found it on the street, where he lost it a day before. what are the odds? any way, after that, everyone except johnny and kyle went up to grab donairs at ali babas on 12th. the seattle dudes were stoked on.

Later that night we played pub 340 and it was a packed bar man, much thanks to everyone who made it out. i managed to save the van from a parking ticket and a possible tow by telling the officer that we were from out of town and that in kamloops we park in lanes all the time and its not a problem. he asked me "do you have the keys?" and i said "yup" kind of snikering to myself for reasons i wont go into. and i jumped in and moved her around the block. when i got back, i was informed that my amp had blown up so i and emeralds had to use adams back up, which wasnt a problem, but i didnt get to use my new traynor which kinda bummed me out.

everyone went back to bullys, to crash and shit. the seattle boys left the following morning with a bunch of our merch and us with a bunch of theirs. best weekend ever dudes! were goin down to do seattle and portland with em in june! stay tuned! and stay tuned for next weekends edition of Weekend Warriors: Island Invasion.

peace and love

the wiz

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